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Wearable Moonscapes, Seascapes, and Landscapes by Elke Van Dyke

Elke Van Dyke Moonscape Necklace

If you know ID Pop Shop, you know that this ongoing pop-up event hosts some of the top independent designers of jewelry, fashion, and decor in New York City. This is the final weekend of their August pop-up in Chelsea Market.

Jewelry Designer Elke Van Dyke and her hammered Landscape Necklace

Elke Van Dyke has joined the ID Pop designers in August. I loved her jewelry at first sight because it is sleek and sexy, yet warm and organic looking. We spoke for quite a while, and she explained that her work is influenced by “the inherent conflict between nature and industry.” When you see her designs, you will understand her intentions immediately.

Elke’s collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings fall into three lines: Moonscape, Landscape, and Seascape. The Moonscape designs tend to have round elements – tiny spheres within circles. The Seascape collection shows blues and greens in the form of a verdigris patina or lacquer. The Landscape pieces are generally hammered and textured. You can buy sets from each collection, or mix and match any of Elke’s designs. She also creates threaders, or earrings that slip halfway through your ear and dangle from both sides.

Elke will gladly tell you the story behind each design and help you select your first piece or your next piece from her wide yet cohesive collection. Meet her in person this weekend at ID Pop Shop in Chelsea Market. And follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay up to date on her designs and her whereabouts.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Elke Van Dyke Seascape Cuff Bracelets

Elke Van Dyke Seascape Lariat Necklaces

Elke Van Dyke wearing her Tsunami Ring

Elke Van Dyke’s Sterling silver Tsunami Ring

Elke Van Dyke Moonscape Lariat Necklace

Elke Van Dkye Oxidized Threader Earrings

Elke Van Dyke at ID Pop in Chelsea Market

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