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Feathery Fashion: Eat Your Heart Out, Daisy Buchanon

It is virtually impossible for any woman to pass the bright, sparkly, feathery head bands by Dora Marra of Headdress NYC and not at least try one on. Then another. And another. And before you know it, there’s more giggling and sparkling in Dora’s market boutique.

I love Dora’s sweet, hippie leather strands with little daisies, which are a perfect touch for spring and summer. Her floral head bands with roses and peonies are fun and girly. And definitely try on a stylish floral fascinator, featuring bunches of mums, roses and daisies.

And then there are the feathers.

Start by trying on the dainty, elegant feather fascinators with peacock feathers and a touch of tulle. You will find little birds tucked into the features on Dora’s latest feather creations, which are unbelievably fun to wear.

Whatever you do, do not leave Dora’s booth without trying on a feathered head dress fit for a burlesque queen. You will regret it, and you will come back. I know this from experience.

Dora showed me how to wear a rhinestone headband that would be fit for a Great Gatsby party. With a quick flip and a tuck, she converted my hair into a 1920’s chignon. In fact, Dora’s feather and rhinestone pieces are a smash hit every summer at the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island.

The thing about Dora’s designs is that they may feel extravagant, but they are simply beautiful enhancements to your look. You can dress up a pair of jeans and a cotton blouse with a few pretty flowers in your hair. Or you can blow out an evening gown with lush plumes and sparkles. Standard jewelry designs can take you so far. And then you need feathers.

Bring some friends to see Dora’s beautiful, fun creations so that you’ll be ready for spring, assuming it is on its way. All of her designs are handmade in New York City.

Dora Marra will be at  ID Pop Shop in Chelsea Market on Friday through Sunday this week.

She will be at the Spring Crafts on Columbus show in April and May, and additional dates at the Real NYC Designer Market. The amazing Jazz Age Lawn Party takes place during two weekends in June and August.

Nadia is visiting us from France! She is wearing a lovely rosebud headband by Dora Marra

And here’s the lovely Nadia in a pink daisy fascinator by Dora Marra.

Dora Marra’s Flower Head Bands

Another visitor to New York from Columbia with great hippie style

Let the sunshine in with Dora Marra’s Daisy Head Bands

What do you give a person who has everything? A fabulous crown handmade by Dora Marra!

Dora Marra’s Striking and Streamlined Peacock Fascinator

Can you see the raven in these lush black feathers?

I am ready for the Easter Parade in this adorable flowery hat by Dora Marra!

My Daisy Buchanon do for the next Gatsby Party

Dora Marra Head Bands – So hard to choose!

Dora Marra Birthday Crown

Whoo Is this? It’s a sweet little owl perched atop on Designer Dora Marra herself!

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