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Nutritious, Delicious and Gorgeous Purple Vegetables

One of the greatest things about eating with the seasons is the colors of the fruits and vegetables at the markets.  I was wandering through the Union Square Greenmarket last week and was gobsmacked by all the purple vegetables I saw.  PURPLE!

We’ve read about the eating by color because deeply colored foods, like kale, spinach, pumpkin, and blueberries are rich in nutrients and possibly event contribute to preventing and fighting cancer.  Purple vegetables have to be right up there in the Super Foods categories too.  The New York Times published this “List of 11 Foods You Aren’t Eating.”  Five of them are purple.  Case and point.

Plus they are so very pretty!  Here’s what I found:

From Norwich Meadows Farm

Purple Brussels Sprouts – That day at Union Square, I had the great good fortune to be there just in time for the food demo of Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts.   Someone in the crowd proudly showed us all the purple Brussels sprouts she had just picked up.  We all ooh’d and aah’d.  It was a special market moment.  Then several us raced to the other side of the market and bought some.  So beautiful raw, and delicious with a dab of maple syrup and butter.

Purple Onions – Flavorful and not too biting.  Great raw on salads (and hot dogs too.  Yeah, I said it).

Purple Kohlrabi – Nope, I had no idea what to do with a kohlrabi until I looked it up.  It’s gorgeous, and apparently mildly sweet and delicious, and a member of the cabbage family.  Any recipes?

From Van Houten Farms:

Purple Broccoli – Broccoli is already a Super Food, so I can only imagine that this even more deeply colored version is a vegetable Super Hero.

Rutabaga – Not fully purple, but purple enough and rich in vitamin C!

Get everything you need for a wonderful Thanksgiving at your local Greenmarket!  Eat all you want, guilt free because it’s local, delicious, and nutritious.  And I’ll meet you at the gym on Friday!


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