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Winter Markets – Hot Cider and Woolens to Keep You Warm

A lot of people think the farmers markets shut down for the winter.  Most of them do, but seventeen Greenmarkets are open each week, and Community Markets is partnering with the Makers Market at the Old American Can Factory to hold an indoor farmers market in Gowanus starting this weekend.

I love the markets in the winter: I feel like some kind of pioneer, bundling up first thing in the morning when it’s 22ºF outside to go out for provisions.  (When it’s warm outside, it’s “food,” but when it’s freezing, it’s “provisions.”)

James and I went to Abingdon Square for apples from Red Jacket Orchards to make applesauce tomorrow.  Since it wasn’t too windy out, we continued on to the Union Square Market to see what wintery things are on offer there and to take a picture of a perfect pretzel from Martin’s Pretzels for the book (which is in its final stages).

What caught my eye?  Wool!  And not scratchy, rustic wool, but soft, rich, lustrous yarns that would set any knitter’s heart aflutter.  In addition to offering beautiful “artisanal sheep’s milk cheese,” 3-Corner Field Farm had buckets of luscious undyed yarn from their sheep.  This weekend they also had sweet, tiny baby hats.  Catskill Merino Sheep Farm offers a wide variety of meat products from their herds, and they also have a full spectrum of colored yarns.  You can’t miss their tent – it’s the one with the bundles of yarn hanging all around it.  They offer undyed and hand-dyed yarns in four weights.  I picked out a skein of the heaviest weight undyed yarn to make, oh, something deliciously soft and cozy.  I can’t wait to start knitting with it.  (I’m no master knitter, but my sister-in-law Judy and I just got some great new needles at Purl in Soho.)

In addition to fine yarns, there are things at the markets that you really want because it’s winter, primarily delicious, steamy, hot apple cider dipped out of huge pots on hotplates.  Root vegetables abound, and grainy breads are irresistible.  I loved the Garlic Raspberry Jelly from Berkshire Berries.  Not only is it a beautiful, translucent pink color, but it satisfies both sweet and savory cravings.

And then there’s the gallon and half-gallon bottles of Deep Mountain Maple Syrup from Vermont.  That should get me through the next week of winter!

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